Privacy Policy

Sometimes, web sites install small pieces of alphanumeric strings (cookies) on user browsers. The native scope is to temporarily memorize user interaction paths in order to improve user experience, avoiding, e.g.,  repetition of useful settings. But cookies, altough utilized to have a better performance and content quality, can also be designed to profile users, making advertising more attinent for audience.

When generated, the cookies of this site aim only to serve performance and quality content. On the other side, if users decide to share contents using SN access badges, cookie management involves social networks and their privacy policies.

However, cookies can be verified and managed by users ( Users can cancel them or browsers can be set to deny any installation. In this case, however, users would manually set some preferences every time they visit the site and some services/functions could not be available.

Here is more specific information.

Name Typology Purpose
Performance cookie Cookie for browsing Speeding up returning visit and browsing
Google Analytics Third-party cookie Web analysis service delivered by Google that, gathering statistical and aggregate information, helps website owners measure how users interact with website content. Google will not associate IP address with any other information  it could have about user in order to obtain a more detailed profile Further information is available here:
User can selectively disable Google Analytics action installing a Google opt-out component in the browser. Here is the procedure:
Social sharing Third-party cookie When users decide to share site contents logging social platforms with their access badges, cookie management  pertains social networks and their specific privacy policy: