luciano petullà

systems and dimensions of new communication

In internet everybody knows you can be a dog Time has gone, socially and technologically speaking,  since comics on New Yorker (1993) drowed by Peter Steiner cleverly summarized both powerness and riskies about online interactions, so becoming a meme on internet anonymity condition. The phrase “on internet nobody knows you’re a dog” referred to its colleague could be understood at least in a double meaning.   From one side, as a relational and democratic liberation from material considerations such as class, genre, body apparency, age… and, here, also of species, an idealization of purely discoursive relationships that, thinking of animal inclusion, seemed less radical than Alain Touring’s dream involving even speaking entities built artificially (AI). On the other hand, the comics were a warning to check the “quality” of online contacts because everyone has a chance to cheat. Actual horizon fueled by social accounts and ostentatious exhibits of personal images (granted of preventive aesthetic adjustments) seems to have absorbed part of anxiety. By the way, the “fake” became more insidious because involving contents even if now it’s a well-known and rejected category that, given our alternating successes, won’t spare us from using a vigilant and active criticism in the future….

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