luciano petullà

systems and dimensions of new communication

The unavoidable re-generation of idea of human The nature of each form of delegation involves the creation of a distance between expectation of originating will and the outcomes achieved by delegate that, people or systems, can otherwise mark characteristically the effective phase through their own skills or lacks. Generally, delegating to someone or something the control or fulfilment of will, actions or plans is a way of thinking and doing typical of people live in complex and large societies. As described by many sociologists (for example Anthony Giddens) people need to establish trusted links with a large number of “expert systems” to be able to live and make their activities. On the other side, that is part of a precise strategy defined “reduction of complexity” characterizing environment of biological and social life (Nicklas Luhmann). Yet, in our time there is a matter that seems completely irreducible to a more simplistic affair, up to refuse a normative way to fix a delegation if it doesn’t contain a mechanism that can anticipate the ungovernable impasses, finally resolving them respecting the originating will. This form of resistance is perfectly legitimate. In effect, the matter regards the very concept of life and its condition…

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