luciano petullà

systems and dimensions of new communication

Limits, enterprises, and accountability of cultural software A recent ad campaign promoted by UN and created to warn about worldwide spread of sexist and discriminatory opinions regarding female population has been based on Google searching functions. More precisely, it focuses on suggestions furnished by autofilling function after some words as “women should …” have been introduced. Both (supposedly) based on frequently searching operations and recognized textual combinations of internet contents, the algorithm showed all stereotyped ideas running in the world. In ad campaign women are shown with a sort a gag represented by Google’s suggestions that, covering their mouths, have the effect to silence true voices and personalities. The success of campaign (credits: Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai) to reveal such prejudices in a very incisive way and so oddly timely – if we think of our post-modernity so sophisticatedly supported in terms of technologies of thought – can be measured by the huge debate on twitter (hashtag: #womenshould) but also by imitations: see Australian initiative Racism. It Stops With Me. In the past this online space hosted a reflection on the importance of language to structure human being in the continuous process of interaction with environment – so, not…

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