luciano petullà

systems and dimensions of new communication

Strategies of fitness according to a study supported by MacArthur Foundation If we should indicate an electronic device that, other than cellular phone, has a great chance to be carried inside westernised people’s pockets,  we would not be wrong answering a small usb-device.  Diffusion and adoption of pen-drivers and sophisticated audio/video players to maintain and transport programs/files or the loved personal playlists due to the amazing developments of microelectronic and the success of usb standard interface. The plug-socket system named  Universal Serial Bus seems  to be maintain the promise hailed by its name becouse, in its normal or mini version, it is present upon almost all electronic devices wanting to ease digital interconnection in a prompt “plug ‘n play” logic. In this way, data and programs utilised in diverse activities and circles – products and sources of personal projects – glue themselves with the other our whole of  intelligence and sensibility tying us with hardware and software of computerized machines distributed in our vital environments. Usb as metaphor Indeed, usb system is becoming the metaphor to indicate the growing ibridation  among universe we considered (and sometimes were) separated. The images here reported, for example, are part respectively of  a book…

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