luciano petullà

systems and dimensions of new communication

Web 2.0 and the spirit of amateur technical culture The evolution of actual ICT platforms toward a user interaction binding user-friendliness with increasingly capability in the creation, managing and sharing of contents regarding innumerable activities is normally indicated with the term web 2.0.  This definition – coined following the typical stylish software upgrading – describes the second new wave of internet technologies. These applications, differently from previous software ones developed during first web phase (1995-2005), exalt in a better way the dynamical, open, relational and distributed nature of network, helping people and groups to enter in digital spaces with their specific expressions, organizing new structures regardless borders between labour and leisure time and according them to our common social logics following peculiar interests and/or the desire of relationships. The exemption of technical work The phenomenon of social network, characterized by new forms of cybersocial aggregation, involves by now hundreds of millions of people worldwide, revealing itself as an increasingly success story. The internet sites proposing such kind of activities have a strong appeal because of their free offer of tools and resources, consenting people to immediately operate and easily prepare their specific materials in a “self-service” modality, linking and sharing…

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