luciano petullà

systems and dimensions of new communication

From the crisis of control to the turn of hypercontrol One of the most interesting thesis on marketing and advertising explains how their rise spread from a reaction to an increasing state of lack of control. In the XIX century a huge industrial push increased enormously a productive capacity that, suddenly, had to wide its selling horizon – and, as result, the terms of consumption. Marketing and advertising engaged themselves on how to match producer and consumer needs at large scale. After some centuries, we can say that marketing gained esteem and dignity regarding its original aim. Unfortunately, considerations about advertising effectiveness are less enthusiastic if we still comment it using the phrase “spray and pray”. However, diffusion and use of online media have increased very much  chances to overcome this never-ended skepticism on the ability to hook the timely needs of users with knowledge and speed. At the beginning of this reflection we have to make a premise about what we have experimented in the meanwhile. Everywhere there is the possibility to find people or environment/events polarizing human attention, there is also the certitude to meet some kinds of advertising elaborated by marketing strategies.  As result, attention prompts by…

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